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The Elden Ring character Samuel L. Jackson is another example of the game’s incredible creative tools

Ambitious Elden Ring players have pushed the game’s character designer to its limits, using it to recreate an iconic hitman from the movie Pulp Fiction.

Elden Ring Pulp Fiction

The most modern version of FromSoftware offers a character creator of some sort, although the options were somewhat limited in earlier versions. While game fans like dark souls and transmitted by blood were free to turn their player characters into abominations, creating realistic characters was another matter altogether. However, Ring of Elden, Software’s most recent release, has refined the character creation process and given players tons of new customization options. A Redditor went so far as to introduce legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson to Ring of Elden‘s Lands Between.


Posted just days after the game was released, Reddit user Massiive shared a screenshot of his custom character with the Ring of Elden subreddit, and any fan of Quentin Tarantino’s work would instantly be able to discern the inspiration behind their creation. Launched in 1994, pulp Fiction was a ridiculous wild ride from the mind of one of Hollywood’s most notable modern authors, and, while the conversation surrounding Samuel L. Jackson these days mostly relates to his potential role in Marvel’s Secret Invasionher not very family-friendly performance in the film became a highlight of her career.

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With his signature mutton chops and fast-wearing patient gaze, Jackson’s Jules Winnfield looks like he’s ready to become an Elden Lord or massage the feet of Marsellus Wallace’s wife. Ring of Elden fans have created all sorts of characters in the few days since the game’s release, and aside from Redditor’s hilarious and accurate recreation of the GigaChad meme, this has got to be some of the best. This version of Jackson seems to scare away the Tree Sentinel as soon as he arrives in Limgrave, and he could probably walk around Lake Agheel without the dragon attempting to fight.

Elden Ring Character Creator
Reddit user’s recreation of Samuel L. Jackson in the Elden Ring character creator.

Ring of Elden the servers are said to be down on March 1 as the developer performs maintenance and likely prepares the game for its next major patch, and meanwhile players may want to return to the character creator to generate their own fearsome character of Tarantino to intimidate rivals once PvP returns. The Reddit user has included the exact slider settings used to create Jules, so a slew of Sam Jackson lookalikes may soon stumble upon The Lands Between.

Unfortunately, Ring of EldenThe high-fantasy setting of keeps the game’s cosplay from getting more involved. Corn Ring of Elden offers a pretty impressive level of outfit and armor customization through sewing tools, there’s no way to replicate Jules’ iconic black tie look. That said, the hand ballista found atop a tower in the Weeping Peninsula can adequately replace the character’s part-and-pack sidearm.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

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