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The internet revolution is having a profound impact on the practice and theory of the dissertation topic. For centuries, control of the quantity and quality of essays released around the world was in the hands of academics, government institutions, or publishers. The internet revolution is challenging this model and currently anyone with an internet connection can produce and distribute essays worldwide.

The gre argument essay have found a revolutionary new medium with which to reach ever-expanding global audiences and this has brought about changes that were unthinkable a few decades ago. The free hands in trial activity, together with the huge amount of trials available on the Internet, pose new challenges to established models and conceptualizations. There seems to be a shifting balance between quality associated with professional expertise and immediate access to content. The ability to reach a wider audience does not necessarily mean that end users navigate skillfully when searching for translated content. In fact, users can first use the essays they have quick access to, even though there are more accurate and better quality essays. The question arises, is the quality of the professional essay redefined in the age of the Internet?

In general, the ways in which human trials (as opposed to automated trials) are distributed and used on the Internet profoundly influence trial theories. This is not an isolated phenomenon, as the technological revolution is rapidly redefining many principles of modern test theories.

There are now two main phenomena. The first is the fact that the Internet allows different essays from the same source to be available worldwide. The second phenomenon is the fact that when there are several tests available from the same source, Internet users do not necessarily use the one whose quality is higher.

Through studies conducted on the relationship between time pressure and trial quality, two hypotheses have been confirmed. The first was related to the fact that the Internet increases the tendency to distribute essays produced under pressure, essays which have different characteristics from those produced according to more professional standards. The analyzes carried out showed that the dissertations were not professional dissertations with an average of 4.15 times more errors than the dissertations officially published by the White House, for example. Moreover, when comparing time-constrained essays with official essays without any particular time constraint, the likelihood of finding omissions, additions, and incorrect use of language increases.

Regarding the second hypothesis – does the quality of the essay affect the potential reuse of essays on the Internet, it was also confirmed that quality is not necessarily a factor in the reuse and distribution of essays. Looking for a possible explanation, they identified that the amount of site traffic and the popularity of the translation agent are those related to the reuse and distribution of translated content. This raises interesting questions about the widespread use of crowdsourcing and volunteer testing on some of the world’s busiest sites, such as Twitter.

Does this mean that conscious or unconscious assumptions about essay quality are related to popularity or the amount of website traffic, regardless of essay quality? This is an interesting question that will require further research.

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