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The Legend of Zelda should follow Kirby’s lead on Switch

In the thirty-six years, the The Legend of Zelda franchise exists, there have been many games released in the franchise, but not as many as some might think. Counting every main game, remake, remaster and spin-off, there have been around 40 games in The Legend of Zelda. That’s admittedly higher than most video game franchises, but it seems low compared to the number of games with mario Where Pokemon Branding. The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, but it’s not as ubiquitous as some of its peers.


This may be due to a number of factors including Nintendo’s usual focus on maintaining quality and the fact that Zelda is not treated as the recognized face of the game by the general public who mario and Pokemon sometimes they are. Rising game development costs have also contributed to lower Zelda games in the HD era, and the unification of Nintendo’s handhelds and consoles in the Nintendo Switch further reduced what was being made. There is always Zelda titles and spin-offs coming out, but like Nintendo’s other franchises, there’s plenty of room for Zelda games between the biggest versions like Breath of the Wild 1 and 2. The solution may lie in Kirbyanother first-party Nintendo franchise with roughly the same number of games but a more consistent release schedule.

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Spin-offs are a huge part of Nintendo’s mascot franchises

Nintendo’s biggest franchises are often large enough to have sub-franchises within themselves. mario has mario party, Mario Sports, Mario RPGand Mario Kart to name a few, and other games don’t even fall under these broad categories. Pokemon doesn’t have such major spin-off franchises, but there are still side games like Pokemon Rangervarious Pokemon puzzle games, Pokemon Stadium and Coliseum securities, Pokemon Mystery Dungeonand even both Pokemon Snap Games. Many of them are present on the Nintendo Switch alongside their main counterparts, providing alternative gaming experiences for fans or non-fans interested in something different.

While there may not be as many games in total as the last two franchises, Kirby shows how well this model can work. Kirby has reached his appendages in almost every game genre including different types of puzzle games, fighting games, racing games, sports games and many mini games which are packed with bigger ones Kirby securities. The Nintendo Switch alone holds Super Kirby Clash, Kirby Fighters 2, Kirby Star Allies, Kirby and the Forgotten Landmany retro titles and the recent Kirby’s Dream Buffet. Since Kirby debuted in 1992, there’s only been four years without a new entry in the series, and it took until 2021 for there to be a year without Kirby games at all. The franchise has never rested on its laurels, and it has greatly benefited from it, especially on Switch.

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The Legend of Zelda Could Do With More Spin-Offs

KirbyThe pattern of is in stark contrast to the way The Legend of Zelda does things. Although there are a number of remasters, remakes, and spin-offs, most of the games are major adventures. Even though they deviate from traditional gameplay, the standard quest format still holds true. For this reason, many games are too broad in scope to be considered mere spin-offs like Super Kirby Clash and Kirby’s Dream Buffet. As obviously derived as they are, four swords, Four Sword Adventuresand Heroes of the Three Forces are still built games that will take players hours to explore and beat. While many Nintendo systems could be considered to have only “less” Zelda titles, no one’s gonna call The Minish beanie a spin-off.

Only a few titles in the franchise can truly carry that moniker, and most of them are set in the distant past. CDI Zelda trilogy, LCD games, and Satellaview titles are all very obscure and don’t count among the rest of the series. It took until Link’s Crossbow Training on the Wii for another spin-off to come out in their level of importance. Both Tingling The DS games are both decidedly in the realm of spin-offs, though they’re practically a new series on their own.

There is also Cadence of Hyrulewhich has the unique status of being a hybrid Zelda and Crypt of the NecroDancer spin off. Finally, there are two Hyrule Warriors games, both of which have epic storylines and impressive amounts of content. Even with adventures in other genres, most Zelda spin-offs are action-adventures with full campaigns, just like their regular counterparts. As Kirby and his friends have shown, there’s so much more to do with the Zelda frankness than walking on the same ground over and over again.

How The Legend of Zelda Could Take After Kirby

The most direct way to follow the Switch strategy of other Nintendo franchises is to enter more genres with an increased number of spinoffs. The Legend of Zelda the franchise has a lot of potential for this, with an infrastructure prepared for everything from a full fishing game to an in-depth game Kirby– party title using multiple links. A voucher The Legend of Zelda Maker could be released as a major spin-off in the vein of Hyrule Warriors titles, or something new could be done with Tingle. There are plenty of opportunities for expansion and tons of time to fill between major releases.

While the Zelda the franchise doesn’t strictly need it, it could propel it to even greater heights. Many old characters and enemies could be brought back in updated art styles as they were for the paper mario Where mario party titles, and even more art styles could be experimented with. There are plenty of years where not Zelda games have been released, which presents plenty of opportunities for Nintendo to keep both the Zelda nominate relevant and complete its company-wide release schedule.

The work of the HAL Laboratory on Kirby proved that a steady stream of quality spinoffs doesn’t inherently tire players, and major hits can potentially spawn their own streaks. The Legend of Zelda is a name that commands the same respect and adoration as Nintendo’s most financially successful franchises, and it could benefit everyone if benefited more often.

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