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The most egregious example of voter fraud in US history could once again drop the precedent

The bogus voter scheme is of particular interest to the federal government for the simple reason that there is a paper trail showing that in Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and Michigan they signed certificates claiming they were the “duly appointed electors” of their state.

It’s not settled yet, Trump could still win in 2024 and “get out of jail for free”, much like hoping that even declaring his candidacy sooner would deter the DoJ from prosecuting him. New cases before SCOTUS could support an “independent state legislatures” theory that would make swing states a recurring problem for state and local corruption.

If Congress feared being defrauded in 1887 with the passage of the Voter Count Act (ECA), 2024 will be a doozy if Trump is elected. Passing the ECA, Congress may have suffered from buyer’s remorse when the Compromise of 1877 gave Hayes the presidency and ended Reconstruction. A reform of the ECA Congress has not yet been enacted.

In the continuing ambiguity of the CEA, putschists like John Eastman and Mark Meadows saw the potential of the voter trading system as a way to keep Trump in power. Even Chuck Grassley knew why he was replacing Mike Pence on January 6, 2021.

One piece of evidence among many was the 38-minute live broadcast of the fraudulent Nevada GOP electoral college signing ceremony. Another was Michigan’s group of fake voters trying to rush state police to the door.

Digby knows the story:

It’s pretty clear that Trump understands the presidency as a “get out of jail free” card.

John Eastman, the constitutional scholar most responsible for plotting to have Mike Pence single-handedly reject Electoral College votes on Jan. 6, also appeared at a hearing and told Georgia officials they had the power to simply nominate new voters for Donald Trump, which is, of course, crazy. Ellis wrote memos conveying the same rationales and she and Deason spoke at the same hearing. Chesbro allegedly worked with a local GOP chairman to get fake voters to meet secretly in the state capitol. Last, but not least, Senator Graham called the Georgian State Secretary twice to see if there was a way to reject mail-in votes for Biden.

Trump himself was not subpoenaed, but since Raffensperger is said to have already testified and they may have introduced the audio recording of Trump trying to coerce him into “finding” one more vote than he needs. needed it to cancel the election, maybe it’s useless. There is ample evidence of his attempts to force Georgian officials to cheat on his behalf without hearing a word from him.

These subpoenas follow a flurry of activity in recent days by the Department of Justice in which John Eastman and former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark received search warrants and various GOP activists and officials across the country who were implicated in the fake voter scheme were served with federal subpoenas.

The bogus voter scheme is of particular interest to the federal government for the simple reason that there is a paper trail showing that in Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and Michigan they signed certificates claiming they were the “duly appointed electors” of their state. (In two other states, someone had the presence of mind to add language indicating that those votes would only be counted if the courts determined that the original count was invalid.) According to various legal observers, these misrepresentations could easily lead to charges of fraud in the United States.

They tried to vote fraudulently in the electoral college. This is truly the most egregious example of voter fraud in United States history. The irony of this is so thick you can only cut it with a chainsaw.


But as voters in the state voted for Biden on Dec. 14, GOP members held a live-streamed event (video removed) casting their ballots themselves, KLAS-TV reports, Las Vegas

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald has been drawn further into the Justice Department’s investigation into a fake voter scheme tied to the 2020 presidential race, a knowledgeable source has said.

FBI agents seized McDonald’s cellphone on Wednesday in court-approved search warrant, and a day later received a federal grand jury subpoena for documents.

The subpoena seeks to obtain records of all communications with former President Donald Trump’s top political advisers, the source said. These associates allegedly participated in a conspiracy to prevent Congress from certifying the 2020 presidential election won by Joe Biden.

The list of names on the subpoena includes Trump lawyers Rudy Guiliani and John Eastman, who have come under intense scrutiny by the Justice Department and a House select committee investigating efforts to to prevent Congress from declaring Biden the winner on Jan. 6, 2021. Pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol that day, delaying the process.

McDonald, who has a few weeks to provide the documents to the government, is among half a dozen Nevada Republicans who participated in the December 2020 signing of alternative ballot certificates in the presidential race.

The Justice Department also subpoenaed the records of other Republican voters this week, the source said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington DC, which is leading the criminal investigation, declined to comment. The same goes for McDonald’s lawyer in Las Vegas, Richard Wright.

Illegitimate voters in Nevada and six other states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all sent certificates to Washington. Biden won all seven states.

Federal agents have also served subpoenas on the Republican Party chairmen of Arizona and Georgia in recent days, according to the Associated Press.

The scheme was reportedly part of the overall effort to prevent a peaceful transition of power after Biden was elected president. The alternative voter lists stemmed from unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud.



Every transaction I have reviewed is ripe for investigation.
In Indonesia, he joins forces with the theatrically corrupt Hary Tanoe.
In the Philippines, he associated with deeply corrupt and violent men.
His Trump projects in Vancouver and Toronto were shocking.


What I reported in depth was beyond imagination.
No one really understood that Trump KNOWINGLY participated in an Azerbaijani project that was almost certainly money laundering for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. (adamd.cc/azer)
In the Republic of Georgia, he worked with the people who were almost certainly part of the biggest bank fraud/money laundering scam ever (adamd.cc/batumi).
Not to mention Trump’s madness in Moscow.

I could have done more. But a real investigation would be like the J6 Committee: a concentrated effort with real staff and subpoena power (as it is).
I’m sure it would reveal what we already know: a decades-old scam by mediocre people.

Although the broad strokes won’t surprise anyone – can you believe he allowed the laundering of dollars in his casinos? – the specific details will be crucial for all of us.
This is what we see with J6.
I don’t know who is going to do it. I can’t alone.


At different times I have tried to build teams of journalists, from TNY, WaPo, WNYC, ProPublica, but it is very difficult to overcome institutional resistance to collaboration.
I even proposed to wealthy donors to finance this project, hiring a team of…


journalists, FBI and DOJ vets, and others.
But I haven’t progressed.
The general opinion was: oh, everyone knows he’s corrupt. His supporters don’t care.
Yes. They know the fact. But the details matter.

State it, clearly, factually, counts powerfully.
At this point, it’s not just about electoral politics.
We need the big picture to understand America. Decades from now, historians will be furious that no one got the details while the authors were alive.

I do not know what to do. I have no idea who can handle it.
I feel like I did a B/B job trying to make this happen and I’m out of ideas.

• • •



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