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‘The Sprint race was just the first example’ – F1 CEO to continue making changes to F1 practice and qualifying sessions

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says the sport could soon see more changes to free practice and qualifying.

In a recent interview with Corriere della Sera, Domenicali said the introduction of the sprint race format is just the first of many changes that would be introduced to the sport.

Speaking to the media, the F1 CEO stressed the importance of having “something to fight for” in every weekend session. He said:

“It is a need that cannot be postponed, to have even more spectacle. I would always like to fight for something worthy of the title. We will discuss the matter at the next F1 Commission: the fans, the organizers , everyone wants it. The Sprint Race was just the first example that could be improved.”

The F1 CEO also hinted at changes to the qualifying format, including a reverse grid trial for sprint races. He said:

“On a normal weekend, the one consisting of Free Practice 1 and 2 on Friday, each session should give either points, or individual qualifying laps, or qualification for a race. On Saturday, different and shorter, instead of free third parties, perhaps with the mechanism of the inverted grid”.

Responding to a potential objection from fans, the F1 CEO explained that “purists will always have problems with change”. However, he also pointed out that in the sport, the qualifying format has been changed many times over the years without any issues. He said:

F1 president Stefano Domenicali wants even more sports entertainment. His proposals are: – Points for free practice on Friday – Qualifying round for the Sprint – Sprint with reversed grid on Saturday#F1 #Italian GP #Formula 1

“We put a lot of things on the table. A lot of people say no, but we have seen on some occasions the beauty of having reshuffles in the race, more overtaking. We have an obligation to try. We have to try, there always has plenty of excuses not to. It’s a principle of life. Purists always wring their mouths, but over the years F1 has changed the way of qualifying dozens of times. “.

Last year’s F1 title battle ‘greatest satisfaction’ – Stefano Domenicali

Reflecting on his time at the top of the sport, Stefano Domenicali said one of his greatest recognitions was the American stars who came to race in Miami saying “it’s the place to be”.

Speaking of the greatest satisfaction for him, Domenicali highlighted last year’s championship battle which came down to the last round of the season. He said an “out of the race” audience had been won over.

Mattia with President Mattarella today + Stefano Domenicali looking at him in the Binoholic way, as he usually does 🤩🫠 https://t.co/k67poNfAIn

“We won over a non-sporting audience,” said Domenicali. “In creating different content for different people, young people need intensity: new cameras, new types of storytelling. The biggest recognition? That the American star system, present in droves in Miami, said: ‘ This is the place to be (it’s the right place to be, editor’s note)”.

He added,

“The best satisfaction of these years of presidency has finally been identified “in the world championship decided in the last race last year in Abu Dhabi, leaving aside the controversy”

It will be interesting to see where the sport goes in the years to come, especially with the series of improvements proposed for the future.

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