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This baby care journal is easy, even when you’re tired

Looking back, most of the first few days with my first baby were just a haze…I was definitely concerned about soaking up as many hugs as possible. But I clearly remember the moment, an hour or two after he was born, when a nurse came to see us and gave me a baby care diary that I was supposed to use to track every time he ate or had a dirty diaper.

“That’s how you time how long you breastfeed and that’s how you calculate how long it’s been between sessions,” she said as if it were the most insight into the world. “While you’re here, you’ll want to wake him up to nurse him every…”

As the instructions progressed, I felt more and more overwhelmed. And that was when we were to the hospital with knowledgeable people around me to help keep me on track, so my anxiety only increased when I had to keep track of everything at home.

A better baby care book

The thing is, with a new baby, he is important for logging feedings, diapers, sleep schedules and more. Being aware of all of this can help keep your baby’s growth on track during a critical time. But also? It’s a ground– on top of the already important task of caring for your new baby. Add to that the very real feel of mommy’s brain and recording it all may just be too much to handle with paper and pen.

Enter: Talli Baby one-touch logging devices. With an intuitive yet effective design that allows you (or any caregiver) to quickly log meals, changes, naps and more, this device takes the pressure and frustration out of using a care diary for baby.

Really, the genius of the Talli recording device is its simplicity: just click a button on the tracker to record a customizable feeding, pumping session, diaper change, sleep time or miscellaneous activity , like when you gave your baby medicine. The tracking device then syncs instantly with an app on your phone over Wi-Fi, even if the device and your phone are in different locations. The device and app are even compatible with Alexa, so you can use your voice to record a feeding session if your hands are full. #momlife

For example, suppose you want to record your baby’s nap time: press the sleep button once when your little one goes to bed to take a nap, then press it again when he wakes up.

When you need to refer to baby diary records, the app provides comprehensive real-time data. With the app you can also add notes about food amounts, diaper types or more. The result is a complete and beneficial picture of how your baby is doing without nearly as much manual mental arithmetic effort on your part.

And, unlike other baby care recording apps that put all the power (i.e. the pressure) in the hands of one person, any caregiver can use the recording device. Talli Baby to note what happens throughout the day. This can be especially useful for working parents who want to keep track of their baby’s schedule without constantly asking for updates.

As a new parent, helping your baby thrive will always be a top priority. Luckily, the convoluted, old-fashioned way of keeping up with your baby’s daily routine has gotten a much-needed update with the Talli Baby app, so you can focus on the things that matter most rather than constantly looking at the clock. to know when it’s time. for another feed or diaper change.


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Don’t get caught off guard about checking in for baby care at the hospital like me: take this cue to add the Talli Baby device to your registry so you’re ready from day one to follow the schedule complete with your baby. Easy to use alone and share with other caregivers, the Talli Baby one-touch recording device is the best way I’ve found to monitor your baby’s daily routine. Purchase includes 12 months of app access.

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One for the nursery, one for the living room, or whatever suits you best! With two Talli Baby trackers, you can keep one handy whenever you need it. It’s also a great option for twins: each device comes with a tag to label who (or where) it’s for and multiple profiles can be saved on the app. The purchase also includes 12 months of app access.

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