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This humanoid robot can write poetry and just recited it in an exhibition

The Ai-Da robot would be able to compose a 20,000-word work in just 10 seconds, but all of this might not make sense to human readers.

In what one might call a further break in the glass ceiling by artificial intelligence, the humanoid robot Ai-Da became the first of its kind to write poetry by itself and then perform it in front of a live audience. Featured by its creators as the world’s first ultra-realistic robotic artist, Ai-Da first made waves with a solo show at the University of Oxford in 2019. The female-looking robot created the art without any human supervision. It ultimately grossed over $ 1 million in sales.

Praised to be a “vision of the future“, the robot was arrested by Egyptian security forces just over a month ago, citing security concerns with the cameras lining its eyes. These cameras allow the robot to create self-portraits. highly publicized cover for their precise description at an art exhibition in London. And unlike the Tesla Bot, this one challenges the very notion that art is an exclusive heritage of mankind. debate continues, Ai-Da has added another talent to her repertoire – writing poetry.


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The robot – which displays realistic silicone skin, 3D printed teeth, and a bob hairstyle – recently recited poetry he composed based on his analysis of Dante’s Divine Comedy, written about seven centuries ago. As part of the Ashmolean Museum’s latest exhibit, the robot wrote its own poem in response to Dante’s work, then performed as a human poet would, reports The Guardian. Here is what one of the compositions generated by the algorithm says: “A needle and thread would be needed / To complete the picture. / To see the poor creatures, who were in misery, / That of a hawk, eyes sewn together.”

So good that its creator is concerned

Ai-Da robot

Aidan Meller, the human brain behind the mind of artificial intelligence, says all of the words are Ai-Da’s and were generated using a language processing model. In fact, Meller suggests that Ai-Da’s AI is so advanced that “restricted edition“must be implemented. He adds that Ai-Da is able to write a composition of 20,000 words in just ten seconds. In a separate interaction with CNN, Meller claimed that Ai-Da is so good at her job that it cannot be discerned whether a human or a robot has written a sample. Going a step further, he added that the debate is not about how human Ai-Da can become, but how robotic humans have become.

However, the creator of Ai-Da also seems alarmed at the rapid rate at which language models for AI are improving. “We are going very quickly to the point where they will be completely indistinguishable from the human text, and for all of us who write, this is deeply concerning,” Meller was quoted as saying. Moreover, experts have already predicted that controlling a super-intelligent AI will be a futile attempt. People like Elon Musk even warned of a thug artificial intelligence take over at some point.

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Sources: The Guardian, CNN

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