November 2, 2021
  • November 2, 2021

“This is not an example that I want to give”

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Kadarius Toney runs with the ball against the Cowboys

Kadarius toney was immediately reprimanded by the Giants head coach Joe judge after throwing a punch at Cowboys safety Damontae kazee. Before the referees announced his expulsion, the judge ran towards him on the pitch and told him to go to the locker room. It was an embarrassing moment for him and the team in a resounding loss to Dallas.

But 24 hours later, Toney understands it perfectly. He apologized on Twitter and explained more with reporters on a conference call Monday.

“Me and Judge talked, stuff like that. But actually, it was just a one-time thing, you know? I am a rookie who makes mistakes early on. I just have to learn from it and build on it, ”he said.

“I feel like I have to apologize to everyone, because when it comes to little kids looking up to me and stuff like that, that’s not an example I want to give them. I feel like everyone makes mistakes and stuff like that, but at the end of the day we always have to be responsible for our emotions and our actions as well. “

What Toney was doing right now was defending TE Evan engram, who was doing just that for him after a hard tackle after the whistle. When Toney stood up after taking another take on the first shot, he raised his fist and pulled it at Kazee’s helmet (luckily he missed it or it could have been worse for him physically).

So while Toney may have stood up for Engram and shown courage, he knows there are other ways to do it and then throw a punch and get kicked out.

“It’s a moral thing. At the end of the day, I can tell right from wrong, ”Toney said. “It’s not boxing or hockey or anything where you can just fight and stuff like that. Ultimately, I have to take responsibility for what I did.

“I could have reacted differently. This is how we see it.

It was also a shameful end to Toney’s best game early in his career. With 10 catches for 189 yards, the devious receiver proved he could be a force for the Giants for years to come, as the Cowboys needed several people to take him down. We saw flashes of it in the win over the New Orleans Saints, but on his first glimpse of that divisional rivalry, he was clearly the best player on the pitch, which should leave the Giants smiling at this. regard when they watch the tape.

“It was really special to go out there and execute the game plan,” Toney said. “We worked on the games over and over again throughout the week and it was just good to perform at a high level there.”

But the punch is the biggest story at the end of the day, so for Toney, it’s about controlling emotions and letting his piece do the talking.

The judge said during his availability that any discipline on Toney will be maintained internally. The NFL could fine him up to $ 36,148 for his incident, although a suspension is not likely to come.

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