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Trump denies nearly 8-hour gap in ‘burner’ phone log

Former President Donald Trump is suspected of using so-called “burner” disposable phones as the Jan. 6 attack unfolded after official White House logs reportedly showed a shocking discrepancy of more than seven o’clock in his official communications that day.

No calls were made or received by Trump on his official phones from 11:17 a.m. until just before 7 p.m., The Washington Post reported on Tuesday, citing documents given to the congressional committee investigating the attack.

Trump is known to have called several allies during this time as a violent mob of his extremist supporters stormed the Capitol, raising suspicions that newspapers were altered or that he deliberately used other phones to cover his tracks.

Committee lawmakers suspect the White House log reflecting such a large discrepancy in official phone calls is evidence of a “possible cover-up” and of “intense interest” to the panel, the newspaper reported.

The 11-page White House diary released to the committee after a court order shows Trump called several officials and supporters in the morning before speaking at a rally where he urged thousands of supporters to ” fight like hell” to keep it. in power.

It also includes several calls in the evening after law enforcement was able to repel the bloody attack, which was intended to prevent Congress from certifying President Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

But for 456 minutes, the logs show no calls to or from Trump. Earlier testimony revealed that he spoke to several lawmakers over the phone during that time, raising the possibility that many other communications were missed as well.

By law, records of presidential calls and messages must be kept. Trump refuses to use email, so the only official records of his communications are the logs White House aides are required to keep.

In a statement to the newspaper, Trump said he didn’t even know what a “burner phone” is and assumed all his calls were properly recorded.

“They call it the Big Lie, but the Big Lie is the exact opposite,” he said in an email mocking the congressional committee. “They are the liars, they are the cheaters and they are the ones who are destroying our country.”


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