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“Trump: Unprecedented” is another example of the power of the Trump brand

Earlier this month, Discovery+ launched the three-part “Trump: Unprecedented” docuseries.

Directed by British filmmaker Alex Holder, the series “provides exclusive access”, according to a statement, to the Trump family, focusing on the final six weeks of the 2020 US presidential campaign, leading up to the January 6 attack. on Capitol Hill – with no mention of the riot until the last episode.

There’s nothing the series reveals that isn’t already in the public eye or wasn’t discussed during the January 6 Senate hearings. What it reveals is a branding exercise and how the Trump kids are integral to branding.

Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher sums it up: “Part of Trump, the brand, is the multigenerational family.

“His children were raised from the start to be a living representation of that role model,” he added.

Many interviews concern the children: Ivanka, who seems to be her father’s favourite; Donald Trump Jr. who, despite rebelling against his father in his early years, seems to have his own fan following; and Eric, who between speeches and fundraising is the youngest kid to toe the line.

As The Atlantic reporter McKay Coppins said, “Trump has always viewed his business as a dynastic one.

Ultimately, “Trump: Unprecedented” isn’t so much about what’s said, but what’s left out. Contributions come from figures such as Gwenda Blair, author, writer and professor at Columbia University; Coppins and Anne Applebaum of the Atlantic; Peter Baker of the New York Times; academic Eddie Glaude Jr. and Fisher and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post, among others.

Yet despite and perhaps because of Holder’s exclusive access to the Trump family, the series is short-sighted in its retelling of events, often focusing on first-hand accounts of Trump family members, leaving little behind. place for an alternative or honest version of events.

From Trump’s perspective on the pandemic to insisting the election was rigged, the series takes viewers through the many “Trumpisms” of recent years. They are all accompanied by images of ardent fans and followers, and of course, vehement family support for their father.

It also raises an interesting question: what’s next for the Trump family? They made it clear they would be “back in some form” in Donald Trump’s words. In fact, Eric went on to say, “I can assure you that politics is not over for this family one way or another.”

Many political circles are talking about his candidacy for the 2024 elections.

“If you’re a marketer and you want to be center stage and (have) the spotlight on you, you need to (sic) keep the 2024 discussion going until the last possible second,” Fisher says in the series.

President, businessman, father: Donald Trump has played many roles, but his best role to date is arguably as a marketer. It’s just what he does – whether it’s through his businesses, his kids, or even this documentary.

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