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Unemployment in India Essay for students and children in English


Unemployment in India: For English exams, competitions, blogs, newspaper articles or any other literary piece, a student may be required to write an essay. There are different topics on which one can or should write a dissertation. One such topic is unemployment in India. Since it is a common topic, the likelihood of having the opportunity or chance to write about it increases. So, a student must know how to categorize it, formulate it, analyze the content, and frame the essay. In the following space, we have provided important tips, points, quotes, facts and content that you can add to your essay.

Moreover, a trial example is also provided for better preference. You can read the following article carefully and get a clearer perspective and idea of ​​how to write about unemployment in India SA.

Essay idea and important points about unemployment in India

Unemployment in India

The subject of unemployment in India can be written in different ways. One can either describe the subject, or argue lightly for or against, depending on the requirement of the subject. This topic opens a chance to talk about many things. Initially, one could understand that it is mainly a social or political essay. Next, the composition should be written in a descriptive format. The writer should focus on the problem and its solution.

Moreover, it is not important that the test is necessarily negative. Students can also highlight positive aspects or gradual growth in employment. This could give a different dimension to the composition. However, it is above all necessary to insist on the problem. While writing the essay, the student or child should focus on many such things.

Unemployment in India Essay: Structure

As mentioned earlier, the topic is more political in nature and the essay should be descriptive in nature. This implies that the student must explain what is unemployment in India. Later, they should elaborate on the problem and explain how it affects society and young people. It should also be emphasized that unemployment is a global problem. The author cannot simply assume that unemployment is very often associated with the Indian subcontinent or the country. A holistic approach will create a better compositional structure.

There are many solutions that writers and individuals claim are beneficial in combating this problem. Solutions should be added in the conclusion. This will create a positive climax to the composition, providing closure to the subject.

Points to add to the essay

Students can add the following points in the essay for the topic. Unemployment in India:

  • Unemployment is a serious and growing problem affecting young people.
  • Talented professionals have to opt for uncomfortable fields due to the unavailability of suitable jobs. They do this in order to earn money for a comfortable life.
  • Unemployability results in the depreciation of productive resources in the country’s economy.
  • Unemployment and job loss can certainly lead to an increase in the poverty rate.
  • The literacy rate is also decreasing due to the idea that education is not capable enough to find jobs that cause unemployment.
  • Unemployment also contributes to higher crime rates in the country.
  • It can also lead to the backwardness of Indians as a community and a nation.
  • The social balance of the nation is completely upset by unemployment.

Example of unemployment in India

To get a clear idea of ​​how to write an essay about unemployment in India, students and children can refer to the following sample essay:

India’s unemployment problem is increasingly regressive Lee. When the number of young people or job seekers increases and the number of available jobs decreases drastically, unemployment increases. Fewer jobs translate to a less developed and less advanced nation. Currently, India is facing various political, social and other problems. However, the only problem that stands out and which has been extremely serious for the nation since decolonization is unemployment.

Many talented Indians face problems in order to find employment to support themselves. The unavailability of jobs results in the unemployment of these young people or capable people. A country’s growth is measured entirely by its economy. Other factors are taking a back seat due to a steadily increasing unemployment problem as India is always trying to speed up the pace of its development. This is caused by the constant depreciation of the economy. Less employed people would result in less productivity, ultimately resulting in less economic growth. This problem must be avoided because it alone affects the growth of the country and the development of its population.

Since the youth is considered the pillar of society and the nation, they must feel completely safe and settled. Professionally, the satisfied young generation can lead to better productivity. This will ultimately result in higher development. Many young minds are equipped with the required knowledge and skills, but they fail to find employment. This ultimately causes insecurity in individuals. Unemployed minds don’t always work in the right direction. Thus, the crime rate may increase. Moreover, it is obvious that unemployment will lead to an increase in poverty. If those people who need and must earn money are constantly looking for work and are unable to create economic security for themselves and their families, the sustainability of individuals will diminish.

Future generations interested in the unemployed will end up feeling that education is useless. As educated, illiterate and talented individuals find it difficult to find employment, underdeveloped minds may create in their heads the idea that education is incapable of ensuring sustainability. This can lead to a significant decrease in the country’s literacy rate. Unemployment will not only ruin the current generation, but will also affect the future of the country.

It is not just India that faces the problem of unemployment. Globally, many countries are unable to find a way to help capable people find jobs. However, due to less population, these nations might not have such a big problem compared to India. The population in India is extremely on the rise compared to the availability of land. With this, the question of green rain also increases. Many talented Indian students have preferred to move abroad due to the unavailability of better jobs or any other jobs.

While the Indian government is constantly trying to connect those employers who are actively seeking employment opportunities with those people who want to find jobs, there is still a lot of work to be done. The structure of labor rules in India is very weak. Exploitation is one of the most common problems that increases in the section of employed people. In addition, efforts should be made and directions where the quality of education is better so that students can understand better and have a safe shooting range for themselves. The authorities also support start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Self-employment can also be a game changer during unemployment. together Indians can end the problem of unemployment and move towards a safe and secure future.

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