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From Internet iterations, from Web1 to Web2 to Web3, a more open network is woven by more professionals than anyone in the world can participate in the creation, dissemination and sharing of information.

Web2 Disadvantages

The UGC model is applicable to the current phase of the Internet Web2, which gives creators more control over content. But big tech companies are still reaping most of the rewards from the process, with creators of Meta, TikTok, Alphabet and others all reaping the support of the company.

Meanwhile, users spend energy and time browsing, clicking and watching the web, but the value of people’s work is not reflected in the benefit segment. In addition, user data information has even become a part of giant enterprise data models, which raises another important issue that privacy data should be protected at the moment.

Centralized Web2 desperately needs a breakthrough, and Web3, which builds on Web2, is combined with blockchain technology to redistribute the value of the Internet. He is happy to see that more and more projects are turning to Web 3 to transform and experiment with the social media and advertising industries.

X METAVERSE PRO, an open-source decentralized video sharing platform

X METAVERSE PROas a representative, is an open-source decentralized video sharing platform which, when put into practice, will greatly improve the existing Internet ecosystem and take a big step towards the Web3 Internet.

X METAVERSE PRO aims to be a faster, better and more profitable video platform by providing more ways for video creators to profit from their videos rather than just relying on advertising, creators can sell their content as NFTs and turn their personal chains into a token that anyone can invest in and earn a share.

Meanwhile, users can earn XMETA tokens by staying home, looking into their phones, and watching short videos. For advertisers, there are no third-party platforms to charge for ad auctions, titles, etc. Advertisers can talk directly to creators, which takes a lot of the marketing pressure off.

X METAVERSE PRO connects creators, users and advertisers, and always adheres to the spirit of personal sovereignty, shared ownership and decentralization, X METAVERSE PRO aims to transform the platform’s Internet video industry to creating and fully unlocking the value of Internet 3.0.

Total Solution X METAVERSE PRO

It is a content platform managed and operated by platform users, also a decentralized authoring platform and a Web3 network ecology. To realize the above vision, X METAVERSE PRO is firstly equipped with two open-market and advanced computing technologies in the infrastructure to realize the storage and transcoding functions. The platform uses nodes for decentralized storage, and creators can always use low-cost server hosting and video storage services.

At the same time, X METAVERSE PRO establishes a decentralized content distribution network to effectively reduce costs and improve loading efficiency, and there is no risk of video transcoding interruptions, which improves the experience. viewing by users. x METAVERSE PRO encourages people with extra storage capacity and bandwidth to participate in the peer-to-peer content delivery network by issuing $XMETA, and anyone can use their excess resources to receive rewards of $XMETA by running X METAVERSE PRO nodes.

In addition, the X METAVERSE PRO platform is fully DAO-driven, and part of the XMETA token is stored in the incentive layer using smart contracts to encourage participation in community building, marketing and platform development. All owners of XMETA can participate in the vote and express their wishes.

X METAVERSE PRO aims to build a fair and equitable system, and the project will continue to develop a series of exclusive protocols and products to integrate into video players on major websites such as YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, etc. The team is confident that the decentralized stack will be extended to mainstream use and create virtuous business value.

More Web3 interactions online

In the field of video creation, X METAVERSE PRO is one step ahead and aims to provide better earnings for all creators. Taking advantage of blockchain, X METAVERSE PRO will integrate funding, supervision, core team and various community members to create more adaptable interactive online activities for all human beings with the concept of community orientation, freedom and openness and high scalability, to complete the full ecological coverage of Web3 Internet and actively expanding the boundaries of Web3.

X METAVERSE PRO will soon be introduced to the global market through marketing campaigns and XMETA tokens to get the value of the Internet era.

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