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Wellness poetry books to help you navigate the week

Have you ever found a phrase that so perfectly describes how you feel, that it shakes you and comforts you, both at the same time? Have you ever found deep solace in words, a safe space that is otherwise unmatched? If you have any, here are some books to recreate that feeling. If not, these books are specially designed for you to experience unparalleled comfort in words.

“Dear Girl” by Aija Mayrock

dear girl is an uplifting and powerful book of poetry that celebrates being a woman and owning who you are. With a striking and bold voice, he can act as a beacon of empowerment for those who feel lonely.

“Where Are You Going Alone” and “Rangoli” by Pavana Reddy

Pavana Reddy has a unique way with words, and her best works include “Where Do You Go Alone” and “Rangoli.” His poems mostly address issues like being a person of color, learning to love yourself, heartbreak, and more.

“Pillow Thoughts” by Courtney Peppernell

pillow pansies is a poignant collection of poetry and prose that readers can find incredibly honest and touching. Many people also think this book is an amazing read, even for people who don’t like traditional poetry.

“Book of Love” by Emery Allen

book of love is a beautiful, melodious, gentle book, simple in its writing but also hard-hitting and impactful. One of Emery’s famous quotes is this one (pictured below) and is an example of the kind of poetry in this book.

“The Truth About Magic” by Atticus

Which makes The truth about magic wonderful reading is the rawness of the world that will make you feel a whirlwind of emotions, without ever losing your sense of wonder. This book is definitely worth your time.

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