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what aid does France offer for housing?


The French National Assembly has voted in favor of a new support program worth 230 million euros for people who use wood to heat their homes.

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This will help these households to at least partially finance their purchases of wood pellets or logs in a context of rising prices. Wood pellets, for example, have increased by more than twice as much in the last year because the cost of production has increased by 25-35%.

Estimates from the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) suggest that three million people in France heat their homes with wood.

It is not yet clear whether the aid will benefit all of these people – or only some – and how people will apply for it.

The support is expected to take a form similar to government aid for people who use fuel oil, which is means-tested and comes in the form of a check for 100 or 200 euros depending on household income.

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While this aid is exactly like fuel oil aid, recipients will also be able to use it in conjunction with the energy check energy checks which are generally issued in the spring.

A one-time energy check is also issued to 12 million low-income households in December, to help people manage their bills.

The bill containing the fuelwood cost support package must now be considered by the Senate before becoming law. It was adopted almost unanimously by the deputies.

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