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Why Fox News Panicked Over My ‘Petromasculinity’ Essay

Yet it is plausible that Andreessen is materially threatened by the demise of petrosexuality: climate denial, especially in its most aggressive, violent and political forms, is essential to making a profit right now. Andreessen is a Major investor, for example, in cryptocurrency, which has horrible effects on the environment. Bitcoin, according to
at the Natural Resources Defense Council, consumes about as much energy as the whole Swedish country; the huge carbon footprint of crypto is due to the enormous amount of computing power it requires, making it an extremely unfortunate technology fad for our current moment, in which we need to achieve net zero emissions by yesterday. Andreessen probably doesn’t roll coal, but business models like his need the guys who do it and the reactionary politics they represent.

The good news is that petrosexuals are in the minority (perhaps, aside from pedophiles, the least sympathetic sexual minority ever). When asked in a Pew Survey 2019 whether the government should prioritize expanding alternative energy or protecting the fossil fuel industry, Democrats were aligned on promoting alternative energy regardless of gender, while Republican support for fossil fuels fossils was biased towards the masculine and ideologically hard right. Petromasculinists are overrepresented in our political system which, through undemocratic institutions like the Senate and the Electoral College, gives white and conservative voters power beyond their numbers. Without this imbalance, plus voter suppression and, equally important, the outsized influence on politics of cynical plutocrats like Andreessen, petromasculinists could roll coal all they wanted but would have little impact on our world, eventually fading away.

And of course, without his fortune, Andreessen would be no more datable than a coal-roller on OK Cupid. I like to think his anxious tweet was a nod to that future, a little less pleasant for Marc Andreessen and a lot better for almost everyone.

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