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Winners of the inaugural Kimmelman “Learning from the Holocaust” Essay Contest


Winners have been announced for Mira Kimmelman’s inaugural “Learning from the Holocaust” essay and project competition. The winners were announced by the Tennessee Holocaust Commission.

“Mira Kimmelman has challenged students to reflect on the history of the Holocaust and contemporary examples of injustice for over 50 years,” a press release said. “The competition continues its work and legacy, asking Tennessee students to create projects that reflect the relevance of the lessons of the Holocaust to current events and their own lives. The competition offers both college and high school entry options, which inspire all students to reflect on the lessons learned through studying the history of the Holocaust. “

The competition is sponsored by the Kimmelman family and the Tennessee Holocaust Commission to honor and continue Mira Kimmelman’s lifelong efforts to teach children to never forget and to learn from the horrors of the Holocaust, says the Press release.

The high school winners are:

  • Emily Salko from Oak Ridge High School, and
  • Haley Braden of Anderson County High School.

The college laureates are:

  • Emmie Wolf-Dubin of Meigs Magnet Middle School in Nashville,
  • Chloe Collins from Oakdale School,
  • Claire Bernheisel from Dyersburg College,
  • Aiden Cantu of Robertsville Middle School,
  • Kyleigh Langdale of Robertsville Middle School,
  • Lennox Pack from Robertsville Middle School,
  • Nathanael Peters of Robertsville Middle School,
  • Julia Hussey of Robertsville Middle School,
  • Alia Oakes of Robertsville Middle School,
  • Teagan Tate of Robertsville Middle School, and
  • Audrey Thompson of Robertsville Middle School.

The students received cash prizes ranging from $ 150 to $ 750.

“Congratulations to the winners and their teachers for all the thought and care that went into these trials and projects,” the press release said. “You can view the winning essays / projects here: https://tnholcom.org/kimmelman-contest/. “

The Commission announced the 2021-2022 Mira Kimmelman “Learning from the Holocaust” competition. Information about the competition is available on the Commission’s website: Mira Kimmelman Competition 2021-2022 – Tennessee Holocaust Commission (tnholcom.org).

for more information, contact [email protected].

More information will be added as it becomes available.

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