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Writing a conclusion for an essay: necessary or not?


Imagine if the movie you were watching just ended halfway and abruptly. Or the book you are reading has the last chapter missing. Although these situations may seem frustrating to you, your professor would feel the same way when reading an essay with a conclusion. The conclusion is a very important part of your essay and something that gives closure to the reader.

Students who realize the importance of conclusions usually assign the task to Dissertation writing service experts. Well, even if you’re short on time, here are all the reasons why you can’t jump to the conclusion:

Reminder of the thesis statement

By the time the reader reaches the end of the main body, they might forget what the point was. The one thing that explains the whole point of the essay is the thesis statement. Now, you can’t just randomly mention the thesis statement in the main body. Therefore, you should write the conclusion and start with the thesis statement to emphasize your main point.

Collect the dots

The main point of your essay is very much like the different pieces of a puzzle. When you write an essay, you will expand on these points in the main body. However, a reader can get lost among all the explanations of your points, so you should write a conclusion. A conclusion can help you summarize and bring each point together to show a better connection.

A reminder of the importance

You may think the reader has realized the importance of your essay topic by now, but it could be true. Chances are they need a reminder of the relevance and importance of your topic. Therefore, the conclusion of your essay serves to give them that reminder.

A sense of closure

Do you remember the examples we talked about at the beginning of this blog? These situations are frustrating because the reader does not get any closure. You should add the feeling that your essay is over by writing a conclusion. This is because you can’t leave the reader hanging – especially if it’s your teacher, as they might consider it incomplete.

Now that we’ve discussed what makes essay conclusions so important, let’s find the best way to write them!

Give your ideas

We’ve already mentioned that you need to rephrase the thesis statement, but there’s something else important about your conclusion. This crucial element is your insight, so present ideas that go beyond the facts in your essays. Even a single interesting idea can leave the reader in awe, and if that person is your teacher, you might get an A! However, make sure your new ideas are still relevant to the topic and mention any future implications.

A personal touch

Even if you write the most objective essay, the conclusion gives you space to add a personal touch. You should not only add your ideas, but also consider adding a small detail about yourself. This will help give your essay a human touch and help you bond with your reader. So go ahead and make the conclusion your opportunity to connect your essay to yourself and your personal life. Also, use personal pronouns in the conclusion as long as it’s somehow relevant.

Briefly review the main points

You should remember the example we used to conclude as if we were putting the pieces of a puzzle together. When you mention all the important points of your essay, remember to keep them brief. However, the conclusion is not just about summarizing your essay, even a 5e the grader can do it. Your conclusion forces you to make the points concise and bring them together to form a complete picture. This can show how each paragraph in your essay connects and forms a cohesive picture.

Discuss relevance

One of the best ways to end your essay is to remind the reader why this discussion was important in the first place. So pull out the fine details, zoom out, and consider the implications of your essay topic. If you find it difficult to do this, you can draw some conclusions about the conclusion of your essay. How does it contribute to knowledge of your subject and raise new questions? Are there practical suggestions that the reader can use or that can be applied in different areas?

No new ideas

Finally, this is something you cannot miss when it comes to writing the conclusion. Never introduce a new idea or point in the conclusion beyond what you have already mentioned. This is because the conclusion will not give you enough space to elaborate on this point and the reader will be confused. Therefore, it is a strict rule in any type of writing that you can only present your ideas in the main body and summarize them in the conclusion.

The structure

The best way to start the concluding paragraph is to rephrase your thesis statement before anything else. The next 2-4 sentences should summarize all the main points as briefly as possible. Also, you should write them in an organized way so that each point connects with previous and future points. Finally, the closing sentence should give your reader a sense of closure that they feel relieved and don’t feel like they’re missing any information.


It can be difficult to complete essays when you have to write the introduction, the main body, and then the conclusion as well. Although all this formality may make you groan, the conclusions are extremely important for any essay. So if you’ve ever wondered how to write a conclusion or how to improve it, you have it. These tips can help you reach your conclusion without spending too much time on it. Now that you’ve almost finished reading this blog, we’re sure you won’t need it anymore. online essay help.

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