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Writing an Essay When Time is Short Will Be Easier With These 5 Awesome Tools – Nanaimo News Bulletin

Essay writing is a big part of the study load for almost every high school or college student. Sometimes it’s a pleasure; in other cases, it becomes a time-consuming burden. In this article, I review five tools and resources that will make the essay writing process much easier and faster.

Main steps in writing an essay

Typically, writing an essay or other academic paper is done according to a set pattern that includes the following steps:

  1. Determine the topic.
  2. Find the sources and evaluate which you can use and how.
  3. Brainstorm and clearly articulate your paper’s thesis statement.
  4. Take the time to prepare a detailed plan.
  5. Start writing in the middle and expand on the main part of the essay.
  6. Only after you are done with the body, write the introduction.
  7. Compose the conclusion.
  8. Put the text aside for a bit, then revise it, edit it and/or rewrite it if necessary.
  9. Proofread your article carefully before submitting it.

Depending on the level of complexity and the size of the document, some steps may take less time or be skipped altogether. On the other hand, some steps could be added, for example, considering other points of view. Either way, crafting a decent piece by following all the expert advice for writing an essay will take days. Often, students simply don’t have such a luxury and have to submit the ready document overnight or even within hours.

Fortunately, the Internet offers a range of opportunities that can significantly reduce the time you need to prepare for your essay. With them, the steps you need to follow to get an academic article written by experts can be reduced to three:

  1. Select a topic.
  2. Choose a writing service.
  3. Check the part received and revise it if necessary.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools and resources that can save you when you’re pressed for time.

Choosing topics for writing an argumentative essay and other articles

Sometimes writing assignments come with one or more pre-set topics that you can choose from. However, students often have to come up with their own topic. This is when one can benefit a great deal from WowEssays.com. This site ranks as one of the largest databases of free samples, with nearly 100,000 items of all types and sizes. Thus, a student looking for ideas for topics can browse the database and draw inspiration from the most diverse samples. They are conveniently categorized by subject and paper type. Therefore, users can easily filter argumentative essays, research papers or case studies on particular topics. Additionally, you can use an on-site search engine to find relevant samples by keywords.

Naturally, you will also have to do your part, for example, edit or come up with an original angle on the topic you find on the website. However, such an approach saves you a lot of time, since all the necessary materials are already collected in one place.

Interestingly, WowEssays.com also offers custom writing services. This implies that you can hire a competent professional writer paper which will create a completely original sample that you can use as a writing template. The idea behind this concept is that if you find a topic that you would like to develop into a full-fledged article but don’t have time to do it alone, the experts at WowEssays will quickly write a piece from scratch that you can use. as a basis for your own work. By the way, custom writing services are the next useful tool that I would like to describe.

Websites that can write my essay for me

online services that write personalized papers for money are on the rise. Today it is a multi-billion industry with established leaders and bold recruits. The main idea is that you send them your paper requirements and writing instructions and you get a fully original piece within the predefined time frame. Of course, for a fee. Some services use an auction system; it means that you post your order and then choose the author to complete the task from those who placed an offer. However, the vast majority of websites operate on a prepaid basis. This involves you placing an order and paying for it while the service finds the best suited expert with relevant academic background and expertise to draft the desired paper at the required level at the cheapest possible price.

PaperHelp.org is one such website. While not the biggest writing service, they are a long-established, mid-sized company with a near-flawless reputation judging by reviews on customer feedback platforms and relevant subreddits. The company’s range of services includes writing custom papers, ranging from short essays and research papers to full-fledged theses and dissertations. Respectively, there are four academic levels available – high school, undergraduate, bachelor’s, and professional (master’s and doctorate). Here you can ask with confidence ‘write my essay, report or dissertation”, and receive it when you need it. Plus, you can get question-and-answer, problem-solving, math, and editing services — basically everything a student needs to get through college fast. Flexible pricing and various discounts ensure that buying a newspaper here won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Another custom writing service you might be willing to try is EvolutionWriters.com. It is one of those start-up companies that prioritizes the quality of their product and wins the hearts of customers with prompt service and first-class customer support. I bet when this company earns its rightful place in the sun it will raise the prices, but for now they are still quite affordable even under tight deadlines.

Are EvolutionWriters and Reliable PaperHelp websites to buy academic papers? Their online reputation says yes. On the other hand, the range of guarantees of both services includes originality, on-time delivery, confidentiality, payment security and, of course, money-back guarantees.

Tools to check and revise my essays

When it comes to checking and revising – and possibly improving – already written text, the internet can hardly offer anything better than Grammarly and the Hemingway App.

Grammar is arguably the most popular tool to check texts for grammar and punctuation errors for free. With the paid version, you also get:

  • clarity suggestions that make your writing easier to understand;
  • engagement tips that make your writing more interesting and effective;
  • delivery tips that help make a good impression on the reader;
  • plagiarism checker;
  • style guide.

In case you don’t want to spend another dollar, there is another famous tool to improve your text – the Hemingway app. It focuses on improving the readability of content. The tool analyzes the text and provides recommendations on how to simplify verbose and blatant sentences, as well as avoid unnecessary passive voice and adverbs.

By using these two utilities, you can make almost any text look like it was written by a true master of the craft.

When is it OK to pay someone to write my essay?

I realize that including paid custom writing services in the list of writing aids along with some of the more popular freeware utilities may seem controversial to some readers. Well, it actually is. On the other hand, life itself is contentious, and there are not so many instances where you can unequivocally distinguish between black and white. Paying someone for writing help is more of an ethical dilemma. Yes, students should do their best to complete as much homework as possible on their own. But in extreme circumstances, when you can’t do the job to the required level for reasons beyond your control, taking drastic action may be the only way. Here are several of the most common reasons why students submit their ‘Write my essay for me!’ requests to writing services like PaperHelp, EvolutionWriters or WowEssays in the first place:

  • Lack of time. There’s not much to explain here, it’s often a chronic condition for many students.
  • Confusion about posting requirements. Unfortunately, not all teachers can clearly explain what they expect to see as a result of your work.
  • Lack of interest in a particular type of mission. For example, if you consider yourself a project manager in an IT company, creative writing would hardly be among your priorities.
  • Poor writing or English skills. This one is quite common among international students who attend US colleges and universities and are forced to perform no matter what.

The bottom line here is that you should never give up. Even though it seems like you’re losing the race against time when writing an essay or other academic paper, there are a few ways to get the job done. I hope this article helps you complete your writing assignments faster and eventually become a more effective and simply better student.

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