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XGIMI sets an example to follow in the spotlight


You’re probably going to see a lot of them on XGIMI today, and that’s because they’re awesome. That and a media push to coincide with my wife’s birthday (Happy Birthday Kim!) But no, really, they’re awesome and I think you should probably know why.

The main problem here for me is not the hardware. A lumen is a lumen, autofocus is pretty much the same forever, and what you get out of a projector is kind of what you put into it… no, the problem is the software.

XGIMI Lineup Offers Near-Perfect Google/Android TV Experience

I’ve tested more smart projectors than I write about. Some are so bad that there is no reason to continue. The software was, without a doubt, the biggest failing part of most. Apps and screen mirroring that just don’t work, no parental or content controls, third-party app stores that work when they want them to, and every company seems to have an off-brand Netflix hack to make it work by wrapping in a Firefox browser and using mouse mode. The software has been almost universally crap (not you though).

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K

I mean, it works, but it’s putting the engine of a 1987 Plymouth Horizon in a Porsche 911 and then trying to take off at McDonald’s.

The software on even the top end projectors is crap…. except XGIMI’s Android TV… I use XGIMI Elfin on a daily basis when I get up (watching news on a wall while making the kid’s breakfast and coffee) and between a smooth Google experience and a apparently reasonably up-to-date operating system (I get an update every two weeks, it seems) I think this is a hardware investment that will be supported for years.

The full Android TV experience, combined with good-to-great hardware, brings a level of polish that I really can’t find elsewhere. Even some of the big brands use in-house OS/Android mixes which seem cheap.

After months with the Elfin and so many different use cases including using it as a Meet/DUO video conferencing platform (you can slap a webcam) and all sorts of tests I could throw at it, the only thing What I encountered was an occasional autofocus bug in one script, and the Netflix certification not being there.

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector
The white box is cut out, not the projector. I’ve read our copyright and use permission on the film about five times now and I can’t figure out if using an image from the film that we paid a viewing license for would be considered fair use as the film had nothing to do with the review projector.

Netflix, I’m still waiting for a response from you guys. You’re the one getting in the way of making this one of the few perfect products I’ve reviewed. I mean, maybe you have your reasons but come on man, reply to your tweets and emails.

Oh yes, in case you were wondering yes, every XGIMI I tested, you can download APKs as well as install them through the Google Play Store. Yes, your phone/carrier’s video streaming app that is not available in the Play Store for Android TV will likely load without any issues.

Of course, the official Netflix method is to stick a $15-45 dongle in the back of a projector and stream it… XGIMI has its own workaround because certification is coming as fast as the dragons in the show original Game of Thrones. This workaround isn’t great.

Overall though, if you’re looking for a well-maintained software experience, I really encourage you to check out XGIMI. You’ll find much cheaper, but if you don’t want to do software support and want the XGIMI baby Android TV experience.

For full disclosure they gave me this Elfin for a product reviewloaned me the Horizon Pro (and should get it back now) and kidnapped my pup and held it for ransom until I post something nice about them.

We’ve reviewed the Horizon Pro here, here, and here, and the XGIMI Elfin here and here. While I’d make a lot more commission on the Horizon review, I’d say look at the Elfin. It’s a lot more portable, the brightness doesn’t translate like you might think, it’s considerably cheaper, and it’s just awesome.

Anyway, that’s about it – I think they’re great, I’m in on the media blitz because, well, they have my pup and I’m not John Wick.

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