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Yailin, Anuel and Karol G: misogynous Latinx essay

While Karol G didn’t say anything directly about Yailin, her white tears fortified her fans to intimidate the Dominican singer. At a concert in January, Karol revealed to her audience that her man was “it was stolen from him,” which left fans around the world to conclude that Yailin is a home breaker. Shortly after, Anuel set the record straight, say on TikTok that it was he who took the first step towards Yailin, and not the other way around. For her part, Karol G has proven herself as a white woman with power and privilege in the music industry. In the summer of 2020, at the height of Black Lives Matter protests against racialized police brutality, Karol G tweeted a photo of her dog with black and white spots with the caption, “The perfect example that black and white are beautiful together. #Black Lives Matter.” Additionally, throughout her career, the singer has blatantly copied the aesthetic of black women, wearing durags and African appropriation braids, and attempted a Caribbean persona, donning a Caribbean accent and abusing terms. familiar. She is not alone. Spanish singers like Nathy Peluso and Rosalia are celebrated for trying to embody a black aesthetic and sound while black women, like Yailin, are penalized for that same bravado and look. In many ways, these women benefit from the misogynoir that harms black women.

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