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‘You don’t have too many nights like this’

Starling Marte and Francisco Lindor Celebrate the Epic Return of Road Uniforms Together

Perhaps Francois Lindor summed up Thursday’s miraculous comeback best:

“You don’t have too many nights like this.”

The Mets entered the ninth inning of Thursday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies down 7-1 after the Phillies starter Aaron Nola kept their bats quiet all night. One by one, the Mets hitters began to build what ultimately turned into a historically epic rally, scoring seven runs to stun the Phillies and come away with an 8-7 victory.

“Things like that build,” Buck Showalter said after the game. “I try not to be giddy because it’s a really good club there and we were lucky, but we just had a lot of good batting from good hitters. This will make sure everyone knows that as long as we have withdrawals, we have a chance.

With only three outs to play in the ninth, Starling Marte started things off with a field single. Francois Lindor then homered, which at the time felt more like a good time just for him, as he had been in a 1-for-22 slump. But that turned out to be the start of something amazing.

“When Lindor hit that home run, I was excited almost like I was the one who hit that home run,” Marte said. “You see him go out every time at bat and he fights and fights and tries to get positive results. In a moment like that, it was just one of those euphoric moments that kind of got the upper hand, and then after that the training really kicked off and they were fighting and fighting, and we were able to take it to another level.

Four hits after the Lindor homer, the Mets trailed by just two runs, and Brandon Nimmo came, lining up a closer two-run single Corey Knebel tie the match 7-7. The inning was capped off by Marte, as he threw a brace off the wall to score Nimmo and put the Mets in place by a run.

“I’m an optimist, but… I keep going until they denounce, so to speak,” Nimmo said. “You never give up and just say, ‘Okay, when it’s my turn, I’ll give it my all.’ And it seems like every guy on this team has that mentality, and when you do that, it allows things like that to happen, and that’s the only way.

“It’s not necessarily like ‘Oh yeah, we’re going to win this game.’ It’s more ‘I’m going to go do my job when I get up there.’ I’m going to give it my all and I’m going to be ready when I get up there. a night like this to happen.

On Thursday, the last 684 times an MLB team was trailed by six runs in the final inning, they lost the game. And for the Mets in particular, they were 0-330 the past 25 seasons as they trailed by six more runs entering the ninth inning.

With a five-run comeback in the ninth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals and a no-hitter combined already under their belt this season, the Mets had another special moment on Thursday, and it’s starting to feel like those things are not just coincidences, but rather a confident team that proves they can make the amazing happen any night.

“It doesn’t happen every day,” Nimmo said. “No-hitters don’t happen every day. Five-run ninth innings don’t happen every day. Seven-run ninth innings don’t happen every day. These guys get paid a lot of money to take us out and they’re good at it, so it’s not a normal circumstance.

“I think that just underscores the never say die mentality of this team.”

Lindor added: “A great team win. Extremely special. The way everyone believed in everyone else, pushed each other, relied on each other, for sure it’s special. Wins like this, they add up throughout the year and they are huge for a ball club.

“It’s just fun. We are in May, we still have a long way to go. This one is good to keep in the back of your head but you have to focus on what you have in front of you the next day.

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